Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Worst!

So im possibly the WORST blogger in the history of bloggers. Whats new in our lives? Well We went to hawaii it was amazing! We loved visiting family and just being beach bums! We stayed at the Modern Honolulu right on the beach of Waikiki , we visited Laie and the temple was so beautiful! Here is a pic Of justin getting motsumotos! Got to see my Cousin Chantel and her beautiful family and they got us into the PCC for cheap because her husband plays the lead role in the night show, we watched it and it was seriously so fun to see him acting and dancing! Needless to say we LOVED our stay! But it was all over too quickly, Justin had earlier decided before we made our way to Hawaii that he would want to try his hand in summer sales, so he went out with our downstairs neighbors to HOUSTON TEXAS! Unlike the usual I could not go out with him due to me being a full time photographer these days so i had too many weddings to do so here I am in Utah being a solo wife at first it was a bit hard because I was so use to Justin always being so close to home and being able to come home whenever I needed, but It's really been a fine transition. I had a little weak moment when I got really sick one night I was really scared but luckily my older sister Natasha came to my resucue. Not to say that I dont miss Justin because I really do. Since hes left i've had a couple weddings engagements, bridals EVERYTHING photography related. Its been a really crazy adventure but I love it. This summer just continues to be wild, I flew down to see Justin in houston and stay for a week it was fun to see how he was doing and where he lived and how he did his sales pitch and such. IT was quite a sight to see but I loved it. Upon returning to Utah Ive done more shoots gone boating a dozen times and my Cousin amber has arrived from Australia! Shes here for a full month, she was one of my bridesmaids and shes the cutest. This past week I Traveled down to Cedar City for Volleyball Summer games! It was a rough weekend for me 10 games in 2 days my body is so shot! During the first day of games my sisters, cousin and nephew surprised me by showing up and staying the weekend with me and just last night we all decided to do a day in vegas where we went to Serendipty and walked the strip! Well thats whats been going on in my life, Im so busy and so much is going on! I may be going to california to Disneyland with my family this next week and then the week after I'll be in Cali for a wedding. Sheesh if you want an update on my life please text me haha because I feel like an awful friend for not keeping up my outer relationships! Love you all. Avi