Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sign of the Times...well Zodiac Signs.

Pisecs sign

The other night Justin and I were getting ready to go to bed, while we were watching tv a couple mentioned on the show that one was a scorpio and there significant other was a water sign and it was a match made in heaven.

I then leaned over to Justin and said, "Sooo whats your sign, im a scorpio what yours??" and he just stared at me and was like why? haha, and swiftly replied back "Because I wanna know if we were a match made in heaven duhhhh? And he said hahahaha kk "well im a Pisces."

So of course then I leaned over the bed picked up our mac, and started searching for Zodiac sign matches to really see if we were "meant" to be, and which sign suits which sign the best. SO I googled what zodiac signs match each other. and thisss is what Came up.

Scorpio sign compatibility with Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces. Water and Water? I guess you can hear the slogan "the perfect partner". Especially on the Internet, almost all horoscopes say it, and, although it is very possible that you have a wonderful relationship, it may very well be mediocre to you.

Don't misunderstand me: from the point of view of a Pisces that has found a Scorpio to stand him/her, the relationship is excellent. But don't believe all those texts that tell you only a Cancer or a Pisces can make you happy. Indeed, the combinations between Water signs are most appreciated, but reality is often overlooked. That's why I'll highlight both strong points (which are plenty) and some warnings, useful especially to Scorpio.

Not all natives of a sun sign share all its general characteristics. Some Scorpios are more jealous, more possessive, more introvert, but others are not like this. Similarly, some Pisces are more altruistic, generous, with no desire to dominate, but obviously, they are not all the same. The classical combination between two Water signs is meant to last, theoretically at least. And most often, it really does.

What brings you two together? Stars say everything does. The affective affinities that rise between Scorpio and Pisces are wonderful, indeed: Pisces doesn't want to dominate and (s)he'll gladly allow you to be in charge. Pisces understands you perfectly, even when you are silent, because (s)he lives in the same sentimental area, in the same ocean of complicated and deep feelings.

After we read this we exchanged high fives.. and then justin grabbed the laptop from me and said "uhhhh now I gotta check and make sure im a pisces"... hahaha of course! he would do that to me. He's ridiculous. But I love him so much!

Scorpio Sign

Whooo heck yah, were the bomb match made in heaven the stars say it. Were gonna be married forever and ever, LOVE YOU baby we done gooood! :)

GO and check you and your husbands signs and see if you guys match!?

-Avi and Justin

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So I totally want to become a photographer! I envy beautiful images, so here is my lastest attempt to be a pro. (post to be continued)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby THE BIG 24!!...

well Justin's birthday has come and past. It was a great day I finally CLEANED the whole house! And he got to get off work early at 3:30 so we went to dinner at the Pizza Factory, and ate the MOST delish twisty breadsticks (with alfredo sauce of course) in the LAND!

It was soo delish! Afterwards we went to the mall to pick out Justin[s cold stone ice cream cake! While we were at the mall we stopped in to XXI to pick out a few things for Justin's birthday.. and of course seeing that im just like a little kid when your big brother has a birthday and you get a present too so you dont feel left out naturally I HAD to purchase something, so I got the cutest pink and gray sweater! Pretty good birthday if I do say so myself.

I know I might seem like a HORRIBLE wife for buying presents for myself on my husbands birthday but I did get him socks, sweats dress shirt and tie and ... yep he had a great birthday! :)